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Overbridge Assessment and Solutions

It is common to find, in existing railway lines, overbridges crossing the tracks. If the route was not planned for electrification, normally those bridges do not have enough headroom to allow for electrification within the normal parameters of the catenary system.

SDEA engineers are experts in assessing the feasibility of electrifying under such bridges. The first approach is to see if lowering the wires, applying specified gradients, including supports at the bridge provides a solution that achieve the required electrical clearances to the bridge and the rolling stock.

When, on the first approach, is not possible to find a solution, the options that are considered are several: lowering the track elevation, raising the bridge (cutting off the superstructure, hydraulic elevation and reconditioning of the approaches), demolishing the bridge and build a new one or not electrify under the bridge and use the inertia of the train or battery systems to travel the non-electrified section.

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