Agents & Partners

ANSI provides complete engineering solutions, from conceptual project design through detailed engineering to manufacturing and commissioning at the customer’s facilities.

They carry out engineering and project development for industrial facilities. They have extensive experience in design and manufacture of structures, transport systems and processing of wood, silos, tanks and pipes.

They perform scanning and 3D modeling of industrial parks for the generation of 3D documentation and implementation of new equipment on existing facilities.

They also work on the design and development of mechanical projects, design and prototyping using 3D printing techniques for plastic parts. The design tools they use are: SOLIDWORKS, AUTODESK INVENTOR, and AUTOCAD MECHANICAL.

Armech Solutions is a product development and engineering consultancy, with over 30 years of engineering experience, founded in 2017. They provide engineering solutions for harsh environments and highly regulated industries. Their engineers specialise in the oil and gas, nuclear, offshore wind, marine and theme park industries, either as a turnkey supplier or as part of a larger team.

Their innovative mind-set, coupled with the knowledge of operating with adherence to strict regulatory management, positions them uniquely to provide first-class product development and engineering consultancy services.

Their core competencies include:

  1. Mechanical engineering.
  2. Drive train design.
  3. Analysis and testing.
  4. Submersible pumps.
  5. BLDC motors and motor controllers.
  6. Design for high-temperature and high-pressure environments.
  7. Material selection.
  8. Micro-hydraulic components.

With years of experience in railway, petrochemical, power transmission and distribution industries, ANDROMEDA can offer a range of services including engineering support, technical authorship, design development and training tailored to meet your specific requirements. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively, spreading good practices and adding value to everything we do.

ANDROMEDA is motivated by the desire to raise standards and we believe through encouraging innovative ideas, developing competency and driving efficiency it is possible to provide quality engineering solutions.

ANDROMEDA is one of our major partners. They are specialised in railway electrification with a high reputation in the United Kingdom. We give them support in their biggest projects from designing complex areas, feasibility studies and meetings with clients or site visits. Our relationship began in 2016 and is growing stronger ever since.

The Rapp Marine Group has for over 100 years developed new generations of advanced machinery and equipment for the marine and offshore oil industries world wide. The Group features a wide range of advanced equipment for use in fisheries, shipping and the oil industries.

For over 40 years, Rapp Marine has delivered innovative winches, marine cranes and load handling systems to commercial work vessels.

Rapp Marine’s high priority for R & D activities is closely linked to a basic strategy: to create products and solutions at the technological forefront for an increasingly competitive global market. Rapp Marine is also a leader for marine winches and cranes, providing expedited service for deck equipment.