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Mechanical Design

On the other hand and ensemble with thermal hydraulical design, SDEA_Engineering Solutions is able to perform mechanical design of the process equipment by specialized softwares (PV Elite) according to the most demanded codes as ASME Section VIII Divisions 1 (Design by Rules, DBF) and 2 (Design by Analysis, DBA), followed by others like EN-13445, PD-5500 o German Standard AD-2000 Merkblatt.

SDEA_Engineering Solutions provides services for the design of capital goods in the Oil & Gas sectors, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as the mechanical design of equipment for the automotive sector.

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers:

  • Shell & Tube: by TEMA (Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association), API 660 (Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers by American Petroleum Institute) y HEI (Standards for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers by Heat Exchange Institute).
  • Air-Cooled: by API 661 (Petroleum, Petrochemical, and Natural Gas Industries Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers).
  • Furnaces: by API 560 (Fired Heater for General Refinery Service).
Pressure vessel frame

Equipment for Distillation and Absorption / “Stripping”:

  • Tray Columns (perforated trays, valves and bubble caps).
  • Packed Columns (random packing: rings).
  • Packed Columns (structured packing).

Multiphase Separators Equipment:

  • Solid – Gas (Vapor) Separation: Cyclones and Bag filters, widely used to control the air pollution.
  • Liquid – Gas (Vapor) Separation: Decanters used for the drinking and waste waters treatment, among others; and demisters.
  • Solid – Liquid Separation: Clarifiers and Hydro cyclones widely used in industrial effluent and wastewater treatment;
  • Light liquids – heavy liquids separation: Decanters.
  • Gas (vapor) – light liquids – heavy liquids.

Remarkable Experience:

  • New section of middle distillates of La Pampilla refinery (Peru).
  • New biofuels refinery of Fujairah (United Arab Emirates).
  • New complex of vacuum gas oil conversion of Volgograd refinery (Russia).