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Implementing BIM efficiently requires a thoughtful strategy that will be reflected in the BIM Implementation Plan.

BIM Implementation

We should not be reluctant about the transition from CAD to BIM. Like all changes, it may be difficult at first, but once it's finished you see the benefits. SDEA_Engineering Solutions is at your entire disposal to take you by the hand in this transition and make it as smooth and less disruptive as possible.

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The management and use of the BIM methodology requires the one of a Collaborative Work Environment to collect, manage and disclose all the relevant information of the project among the multidisciplinary teams involved.

BIM Management

From SDEA_Engineering Solutions, we assist companies in coordinating and managing information for the successful completion of the project. We first analyse the processes that need to be performed by each team member.

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In SDEA_Engineering Solutions we bet strongly on the BIM methodology for the resolution of all kind of projects, working hand in hand with architecture, engineering and construction firms.


We develop BIM projects in all disciplines: linear works, architecture, structures, installations and construction. This allows us to maintain close coordination and control of the project globally.

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Generation of BIM object libraries for later use in projects.

Creation of Content and Libraries

In SDEA_Engineering Solutions we create parametric objects as part of the work library of any company, or as part of the commercial catalogue of a manufacturer. The objects are parameterized according to the customer's needs.

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At SDEA_Engineering Solutions we develop a customized training plan, identifying the roles and the different BIM profiles within the office.


The first step is to identify the needs and the situation of the company. Once identified, we will design a personalized training plan for each of the company's resources.

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LiDAR (light detection and ranging) is an optical remote-sensing technique which take samples of the surface of the earth, obtaining accurate x,y,z dimensions. All data collected from LiDAR compounds the Point Clouds. Point Clouds are vectors based structure – each point has its XYZ coordinates and attributes called components which represent time, flight line, intensity, colour, etc. Point cloud data can be managed, visualized, analysed and shared using different CAD software.

SDEA_Engineering Solutions team works merging point clouds with design models to create a 3D model which enable efficient design review, effective team collaboration and meets BIM criteria included in BS 1192.This integrated model allows the creation of 4D schedules showing each construction phase, supports project review, signal sighting, enables clash detection and is even used in trainings for new drivers. 4D technology directly links the 3D model and the construction plan and allows planners to schedule and coordinate the tasks which can be visualized as a “virtual construction model”.

The main mission of an OLE designer is to ensure compatibility and correct performance of these two main parts to achieve project requirements. OLE design implies to cover very long distances of railway where power needs to be supplied to the vehicle. A designer must be able not to just provide solutions for open routes, but for specific points of the infrastructure that need high accuracy and detail to comply with all safety and design standards.

We produce OLE Layouts plans with all the require design information as position of OLE structures, wire run heights and staggers and position of other lineside equipment. We develop Cross-sections of each structure showing all the relevant information for its construction including Bill of Materials.

Our team has works with several basic design ranges, NR Series 1, NR Series 2, NR GEFF, OLEMI and others including conductor beam and tram wire. These systems span between 25kV AC supply to 750V DC and maximum operating speeds of 225km/h.

Designs are developed from onsite survey data as for example Point Cloud technology which provides a virtual accurate perspective of the site. Please refer to our BIM modelling section to find out more about this technology.

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