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Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering

Pressure vessels

SDEA_Engineering Solutions team is trained to carry out Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering for several sectors such as Oil & Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical industries and food industry. SDEA_Engineering Solutions offers the following services:

Conceptual and Basic Engineering:

  • Mass, Energy and Exergy balances.
  • Datasheets for the preliminary designs of the equipment.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Flow Process Diagrams (PFDs).
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs).
  • Process Lines Lists.

Once, the Basic and Conceptual tasks have been performed, the Detailed Engineering work is approached.

Detailed Engineering:

SDEA_Engineering Solutions is able to perform Detailed Engineering for different process plants:

    • Design of oil refining plants.
    • Design of natural gas and condensates treatment plants:
      -Sweetening using chemical absorption in amine solutions.
      -Dehydration using physical absorption in glycol solutions.
      -Dehydration using physical adsorption in molecular sieve (zeolite) beds.
      -Hydrocarbon/water dew point control using regenerative pre-cooling and “Joule-Thomson” expansion.
      -Sulfur recovering using “Claus” processes.
Resalte evaporadores

Remarkable experience:

  • New amine regeneration section of Ing. Antonio Dovalí Jaime refinery (Mexico).
  • Natural gas and condensate processing plant of Bobrovskaya (Russia).
  • Sulfur recovery improvement project of Humber refinery (United Kingdom).