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Multiphase Processing Equipment Analysis

Multiphase flow separator design is central to the successful operation of many industrial processes. Advances in the CFD modelling of multiphase flow behaviour have made the reliable prediction of separator performance a reality. This presents an opportunity to evaluate and optimise separator performance early on in the design process, hence reducing the likelihood of expensive delays and modifications late into the design phase or during early operation and testing stages.

SDEA´s engineering team have an extensive background in using CFD to support the design and optimization of a range of separation technologies such as; HP separators, LP separators, test separators, cyclonic devices, gas scrubbers and slug catchers.

The use of CFD provides an estimate of the expected gas bubble carry-under, liquid droplet carry-over and overall separation performance over a range of operating conditions. The effectiveness of design modifications such as inlet devices and baffles in modifying flow distribution and improving vessel volume utilization may also be assessed. Finally, dynamic loading due to sloshing on structural components such as baffles may also be obtained and used in further structural FEA analysis.