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CFD Assessment and HVAC System Design for Buildings

HVAC Building

Every good HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system design must be able to ensure a proper air renovation inside the building it is installed at the lowest possible cost. Check how we used CFD to assess and optimize this installation’s design

Condenser retrofitting relying on CFD

Condenser Geometry

Sometimes, pressure equipment life needs to be extended above the initial design requirements and that represents an engineering challenge. Even less frequently, the design point also changes, making a priority to understand if the original design can withsthand the new operational settings without eroding the equipment performance.   This article provides a rough view of a […]

CFD in HVAC for railway applications

CFD simulation for HVAC studies When travelling, arriving to your destination on time is not the only concern. Comfort also plays a very important role on the travelling experience and may have an impact on your evaluation about the trip. Railway transportation is one of the most used systems in the world, from high-speed trains […]