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Structural calculations for the VMS Eezon 3 electric scooter

October 4, 2022

SDEA_Engineering Solutions has conducted the structural calculations for the VMS Eezon 3 electric motorcycle. This three-wheeled vehicle, designed for fleets and services, is a novel concept aimed at improving the efficiency of urban delivery operations. It offers high load capacity and significantly reduces emissions compared to the most commonly used transportation methods today.

These structural calculations are essential to evaluate the chassis’s proper response to various bending and torsion stresses it will encounter during acceleration, braking, cornering…

cálculos estructurales para la moto eléctrica VMS Eezon 3_1
cálculos estructurales para la moto eléctrica VMS Eezon 3_2

These calculations take into account the effect of various components, such as the masses of the battery, rider, and cargo boxes, positioned at their respective centers of mass. This is particularly important in this model due to its high load capacity, where a significant portion of the load is concentrated.

For this model, a high-quality mesh was created with great detail in the welded areas. Accurately obtaining the stresses in these critical points is essential for evaluating fatigue life.

cálculos estructurales para la moto eléctrica VMS Eezon 3_3
cálculos estructurales para la moto eléctrica VMS Eezon 3_4

The calculations performed by SDEA allowed for a focus on areas where reinforcement would be necessary, as well as optimizing thicknesses in locations where the structure was not heavily stressed in its initial design. Reducing the weight of the structure is essential for keeping the total weight under control, as this allows for an increase in the weight allocated to cargo and batteries. Both variables are critical for the successful operation of this vehicle, enabling longer and more efficient delivery routes.

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