STADT latest generation solution, STADT Lean Propulsion ®


The Norwegian company STADT has for many years been a frontrunner in development of electric propulsion for ships. The company’s latest generation solution, STADT Lean Propulsion ®   have already been awarded for its revolutionary design with a set  uniqueness’s : very high efficiency, STEALTH-silence, low signature,  reduced weight, high reliability and low maintenance cost  for shipowners.

To meet new requirements STADT now release a new feature in

Lean Propulsion ,  The  VariAC .      

This option give customers the possibility to take increased effect / advantage of variable speed from Diesel or LNG-gensets  fitted with variable speed-control.   

STADT VariAC  operates on an AC grid with variable frequency in a range of 45-65 Hz,  and will give ship operators more efficient and precise control of power-load and ship-speed via a  seamless regulation of  propeller speed (RPM) and Pitch in three different power-modes – Low, Medium  and High-power  – very scalable for propulsion systems in the range 1 to more than  50 MW pr propeller.

The first version of STADT   VariAC   is designed and developed  in cooperation with PON –

Et bilde som inneholder overvåke, skjerm, innendørs, skjermbilde

Automatisk generert beskrivelse

Caterpillar, with the utilization of Caterpillars and MaK products.

By the new VariAC  feature,  STADT have increased the Lean Propulsion® system benefits in a set areas, and will secure

  • Overall lower fuel consumption and emission, especially on low and medium power
  • Lower noise level during operation
  • Less Lube oil consumption
  • Less wear and tear on genset with lower maintenance cost
  • Higher Propulsion efficiency

“In cooperation with leading LNG and Diesel-generator vendors, we see that we with the STADT VariAC  can utilize  latest generation motor-technology  to even lower operational cost for our customers” says Hallvard Slettevoll, ceo at  STADT AS.


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