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Detail Design For Construction Projects

In the construction design phase, all aspects of the system are calculated and designed for a correct performance of operations. The project delivery includes a descriptive report of the design accompanied by the relevant annexes. Layout plans are produced, as well as sections of the structures with a level of detail suitable for correct installation. It is also necessary to define and list the components for installation.

In order to carry out these projects, qualified personnel are required to coordinate the different aspects of the design, correctly apply all the regulations and evaluate, mitigate and eliminate the risks inherent in electrification.

Spain, following the steps of other countries, is introducing the use of the BIM methodology in infrastructure projects. Our team has participated in UK projects using this methodology and benefiting from the advantages it offers. Now we are ready to design projects in BIM applying all our experience.

In SDEA_Engineering Solutions we have the capacity to cover railway, high speed, metro and tram projects.

Contact us to obtain more information about SDEA’s capabilities for the realization of electrification construction projects.

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