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Pressure Vessels

Design by analysis is gradually overtaking the use of more traditional vessel design by rules in the pressure vessel industry. More demanding designs in terms of reliability and safety together with costs of production are responsible for this push towards more advanced design techniques. Increasingly, many large customers also require their suppliers to obtain third party design assessment as a requirement. SDEA engineers have experience in providing third party design validation services to different companies in the pressure vessel industry. We use a robust methodology for pressure vessel calculation covering a range of different failure modes from in-service fatigue failure under cyclic loading to plastic collapse.

The design process conforms with relevant industrial standards like API-6A, ASME VIII-2, EN-13445 and PD-5500. Our engineers then use their extensive technical knowledge to post-process the solution outputs and derive engineering insights. This involves tasks such as peak stress linearization and fatigue life estimation.

Please contact us to find out more about SDEA capabilities regarding the use of FEA modeling of pressure vessels. Check also our extended portfolio and capabilities in Process Engineering designs