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Design Assessment & Code Checking


Numerical analysis of steel structures is being used increasingly to check and design these structures. SDEA_Engineering Solutions offers services regarding calculation of engineered structures using Finite element analysis and combines these results with the relevant code checks, ensuring a conservative and reliable practice in order to deliver a design solution able to meet the highest standards.

With increases in computing power and the integration of codes and standards guidelines into structural analysis software, the numerical analysis of steel frame structures has become a key stage in the initial design, modification and retrofitting of industrial structures. This has been driven by the increasing complexity of modern designs together with a demand for less conservative and more economical design.

SDEA_Engineering Solutions are experienced in using modern Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools in order to carry out the structural analysis, design and code checking of structures engineered to comply with ASTM, DNV, ASME, API, EN, as well as other industry standards and design codes.

Global structural modelling is used to obtain overall reactions and component interactions. Furthermore, more detailed advanced FEA analysis of key connections is performed in order to guarantee their structural integrity.

In addition to considering different static load combinations, the dynamic loading on the structure and its vibrating response may also be taken into account in order to assess the structural integrity under transient loading events such as wind storms, earthquakes and mechanical vibration.

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