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Developing an exciting project in Athens

September 15, 2020

Proud to announce another exciting international project. Now the project has been executed in Athens, Greece.

We have collaborated with “Armos SA” in the new “Agia Sofia Stadium” project for the AEK sports club in Athens, performing the GRC (Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete) design verification and the fixings design and calculations.

To validate and improve the panel’s design, the SDEA advanced engineering team created a FEA (Finite Element Analysis) model starting from the base drawings. Several load cases are then performed over that model based on the relevant building normative, such as wind or earthquake forces, with its corresponding safety factors. On the final step, the FEA results are assessed and compared with the limits allowed by the standards to ensure that the design is safe and therefore, validated to move to the manufacturing process.

GRC is a composite material that is used extensively worldwide, both as a functional and decorative construction material in building and civil engineering. The high-strength embedded glass fiber properties combined with ones from the concrete matrix result in a much more resistant and lighter material. This allows the GRC to stand above other solutions or materials when it comes to manufacture complex facades with intricate designs, as it is able to be easily precast in any shape or texture we want by using a mold, offering almost limitless personalization possibilities. In addition to its structural performance, the precast method offers low execution times, which translates into lower manufacturing costs. On top of that, it can also be designed to add an extra insulation layer (both acoustic and thermal) to any type of building, having an impact in energy savings.

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