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Structural calculations for the VMS Eezon 3 electric scooter

cálculos estructurales para la moto eléctrica VMS Eezon 3_1

SDEA_Engineering Solutions has conducted the structural calculations for the VMS Eezon 3 electric motorcycle. This three-wheeled vehicle, designed for fleets and services, is a novel concept aimed at improving the efficiency of urban delivery operations. It offers high load capacity and significantly reduces emissions compared to the most commonly used transportation methods today. These structural […]

Bellows Expansion Joint Analysis using FEA

FSE Drawing

This example is a heat exchanger with a bellow expansion joint and the reason of performing this study is because of a transition zone between two parts with different thickness, in order to assess the failure risk in that zone.

Pressure Vessels Design

Stationary Tubesheet Configurations

Pressure Vessels are used in the industry to store process fluids under certain temperature and pressure conditions. Commonly, pressure vessels have cylindrical or spherical shape, can be disposed in a horizontal or vertical way and are provided of heads with different shapes (Ellipsoidal, Hemispherical, Toroidal, etc.). These equipments are fitted with different elements such as nozzles (used […]

Thermal Stress Analysis Of Dissimilar Welding Joints using FEA

Weld Residual Stress Cut

Finite Element to foreseen residual stress from the welding process Most welding process involve local heating, therefore temperature distribution is not uniform and structural thermal stresses beyond the material yield [strongly dependent on the temperature] show up, which can create issues on the final design related to fatigue or even geometry distortions. This local temperature […]

TLD Tuned Liquid Dampers

FEA for TLD Tuned Liquid Dampers One of the greatest challenges when it comes to design steel stack structures such as chimneys, is to deal with oscillating loads as dynamic wind forces and seismic spectrum, as commented in this article. These loads threaten the design with coupling the excitation with its natural frequency, leading the […]

FSI Steel Stack Structural FEA Analysis

Steel stack wind contours

Chimney miniature When designing steel stack structures, several rules from standards as “ASME STS-1” or “ASCE 7” have to be taken into consideration to assure security during its useful life. This is particularly important for those located in areas subjected to heavy environmental loads, such as high activity seismic zone 4, due to the slender […]