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CO2 pipelines risk assessment. Brittle fracture

CFD analysis performed by SDEA - velovity field

The aim of this publication is to provide an overview on the problematic of assessing dense phase CO2 pipelines against brittle fracture. If you want to know more about it, contact us. In a previous publication we made an introduction to the aspects to be accounted when assessing fracture control of dense-phase co2 carrying pipelines. […]

CO2 pipelines risk assessment


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) has contributed to global warming more than any other climate driver. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technique has been identified as a key method for achieving a significant reduction in CO2 emissions to the atmosphere Today, CO2 is mainly transported in pipelines for industrial purposes, mainly from natural deposits and gas processing […]

Acoustic Induced Vibration

CFD contours for back wind This article enumerates the use of advanced FEA analysis for evaluating the structural behaviour of Economizer Heat Exchanger equipment. This is a heat exchanger with a bellow expansion joint and the reason of performing this study is a cause of a transition zone between two parts with different thickness, in […]

Particle dispersion CFD studies

Pile Contours Vector

One important issue for society nowadays is the control of contaminant emissions to the atmosphere coming from a variety of industrial and public works sites. Be it for environmental or regulatory reasons, or simply for neighbourhood health and comfort, a tight grip on contaminant levels is the way to go in the future. In SDEA_Engineering […]

CFD Assessment and HVAC System Design for Buildings

HVAC Building

Every good HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system design must be able to ensure a proper air renovation inside the building it is installed at the lowest possible cost. Check how we used CFD to assess and optimize this installation’s design

Condenser retrofitting relying on CFD

Condenser Geometry

Sometimes, pressure equipment life needs to be extended above the initial design requirements and that represents an engineering challenge. Even less frequently, the design point also changes, making a priority to understand if the original design can withsthand the new operational settings without eroding the equipment performance.   This article provides a rough view of a […]

CFD in HVAC for railway applications

CFD simulation for HVAC studies When travelling, arriving to your destination on time is not the only concern. Comfort also plays a very important role on the travelling experience and may have an impact on your evaluation about the trip. Railway transportation is one of the most used systems in the world, from high-speed trains […]

User-friendly CFD tool for thermal equipment

Temperature inside the equipment in a sterilization process simulation

The implementation of new technologies in the industry is continuously increasing. The transition from the classical model of industry to the Factory of the Future (aka Industry 4.0) is an increasingly tangible reality. Transition to an Industry 4.0 The food and canning sector is at the forefront in Galicia. In order to guarantee the industrial […]

Fluid Induced Vibration

CFD Contours for Back Wind

Preventing structural failure due to fluid induced vibration is a common challenge in the design of structures or assemblies exposed to fluid flow. Aero-elasticity theory describes the non-linear interaction between fluid-flow-induced forces and the inertial and damping characteristics of the solid structure. Depending on the nature and frequency of the flow-induced fluid forces a structure […]