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BIM Modelling

We develop BIM projects in all disciplines: linear works, architecture, structures, installations and construction. This allows us to maintain close coordination and control of the project globally.

We intervene in any of the phases of the project, from basic design, detailed design and As-Builts. BIM modelling will be adjusted to a certain level of development, previously defining the LOD of each part of the project. This model may cover not only the 3D part, but also the so-called 4D, 5D and 6D.

The models are used for full integration with the work planning and time control program. 4D modelling, adaptation of the BIM model for planning the work to be done on site, control and monitoring. Detection of interferences and collisions between constructive elements of the different disciplines.

For 5D modelling (Costs), the BIM model is prepared for the extraction of construction cost information.