SDEA_Engineering Solutions is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience, offering advanced engineering and numerical simulation services using finite element analysis (FEA/FEM), fluid-dynamic studies (CFD) and engineering of high technical value.

Fatigue analysis of nozzle

Consists of modeling products and systems in a virtual environment, with the aim of finding and solving possible structural or performance problems (or existing problems). In this way, the aim is to predict how a product will react to different physical effects such as forces, vibration, fatigue, heat, movement, fluid flow, etc.

FEA is the practical application of the finite element method (FEM analysis), which is used to mathematically model and numerically solve complex structural, fluid and multiphysical problems. Finite element calculation can be used in a wide range of sectors, such as automotive, aeronautics, oil&gas.

At SDEA_Engineering Solutions we use Ansys as a regular work tool for analysis and simulation because it is industry oriented, as well as other similar commercial and non-commercial software.

FEA decomposes a real object into a large number of finite elements. Mathematical equations predict the behaviour of each element. A computer then adds together all the individual behaviours to predict the real behaviour of the object.

The subcategories we work with are:

CFD contours for back wind up and back wind down cases

Computational fluid dynamics consists of the analysis of systems related to fluid flow, heat transfer and other associated phenomena (such as chemical reactions) by means of computer simulation.

Typical applications include:

  • Motor industry: Modeling of combustion, aerodynamics of vehicles
  • Electrical engineering and electronics: Refrigeration of circuits including microcircuits
  • Process Industry (Chemical Engineering): Mixing Equipment, Reactors, Polymer Moulding
  • Building: Environmental study of buildings: both external (snow and wind loads) and internal (air conditioning)
  • Environmental engineering: Distribution of pollutants and effluents
  • Energy: Optimization of combustion processes

We use specialized simulation systems both energy and fluid-thermal to advise on the design of systems, equipment, facilities and / or solve specific technical problems.

The areas of services that we work with are:

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