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Advanced Calculation Methods in the Precast Industry Are Becoming Increasingly Necessary

March 10, 2020

GRC Facade Panel

Complex architectural elements are becoming increasingly common, and it is therefore necessary to use appropriate tools to support the challenges of the industry. An example of this is façades made in GRC.

The challenges related to enclosures and façades, with increasingly demanding requirements in structure, energy and aesthetic criteria have made certain methods guided by regulations [EUROCODE, ASHRAE…] somewhat obsolete. Advanced calculation methods are unavoidable in the construction industry.

SDEA_Engineering Solutions, with extensive experience in complex system calculations, has been involved in projects related to the GFRC [GlassFiber Reinforced Concrete] industry and its application to façades, providing design support using finite element models. Particular features of GFRC including anisotropic behaviourtypicalof materials in the concrete family and failure models, which were successfully used to shorten the design process and the construction of test prototypes.

GRC Panel

The SDEA_Engineering Solutions team has also participated in other areas related to construction, including calculations ranging from dimensioning structures with exceptional loads such as seismic and dynamic wind response to HVAC and acoustic comfort.

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